Introduction post…

About me and this blog…

My name is Isabella, I’m 21 years old and from Denmark – in northern Europe. I’m a second year university student and my major is Japanese language, culture and history.

Besides that, I’m married to a Japanese guy, who stays in Denmark with me on his vacations. (About 40% of the year) – at least until I graduate.

I decided to create this blog to focus on a subject that really occupies my everyday life.: “Understanding Japanese”. Which doesn’t just mean the Japanese language, but also the Japanese people, because no matter how you look at it, a European and a Japanese is very different.

I wish to convey the funny little things that make us different and maybe even the bigger arguments. All little steps towards being able to understand Japan and Japanese people better, so I’ll in the future be ready to live there. Because one thing is to love Japan and “think” you know everything… another thing is how our own culture affects us and makes the process of understanding more difficult.

I myself have been to Japan five times in different amount of times, the longest being two and a half month. On my trips I stay with homestay families, which is also how I met my husband.

Besides that I also think my blog will be a lot about the “everyday Japanese things” there is to find in Europe. Like coming across Japan inspired things, making Japanese meals or maybe even random pictures from my trip or random Japan-related thoughts. Further than that I’ll probably also talk about the Japanese language (which is why I choose this title), since that is what I’m studying everyday.

For me speaking Japanese is also something I do on a daily basis, since that is the language my husband and I use and then there’s also the university classes. So my level is already pretty good and I find it easy to have normal everyday conversations.

At last of I want to make a small disclaimer:

With this blog I’ll not try to stereotype anybody or making claims that “all Japanese/Europeans” are like this and this. All I wish to do is publicize my own personal experiences on my everyday life – where Japan is a big part of it. All Japanese people are different, but I’ll only be able to base me observations on those Japanese people I’ve met.


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