“Japanese style” portrait.

Okay, so I haven’t updated this blog… at all. I’m hoping to make it active soon. I’m also going to Japan later this month. It’s very last minute, I haven’t even ordered the tickets, yet and because of the holidays I haven’t been able to apply for a new passport before tomorrow. (two and a half week before departure). It’ll be my 6th trip to Japan in two and a half year. I also have a exam in Japanese in this month as well, which I haven’t studied for, yet. Maybe my subconscious confidence in my Japanese skills will be my downfall at some point.

Besides that… we’ve entered year 2011. Time passes fast. One of my friends had made me a “moving away” present back in September, but she hadn’t had the chance to give it to me before new years eve. My friend is very artistic and especially loves the Japanese, manga drawing style… so she had decided to draw me and my boyfriend as manga figures. With her and another friend in the middle. Thought it was pretty cool so see myself in a manga version.

The manga version of me.

Apparently the manga version of my boyfriend.

Full drawing (click for full size)


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