Too many particles!

So I finally started to study (a bit), for my Japanese exam next week. My biggest fear is the “analyzing grammar” part. My teacher wants us to analyze every single word in a sentence, especially particles. Think most people who studies Japanese… has a strained relationship with the particles… no? At least in my class, everybody seems to hate particles and kanji. Though I for some reason have no problem with kanji… I actually love kanji and remember them fairly easy.

But… yes. So far I’ve been looking at the different categories of particles and written them down, next step is to memorize their “group” and their “function”.

I had hoped to make this blog more interesting, insightful, etc. but well unfortunately I’m in the middle of my exam period. I guess I have more time later on.

Yes… I know my writing is not the best… kinda in a hurry when writing these notes. Since there’s way too much I need to write down.

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