I’m gonna miss my stamps.

Some of my Japanese stamps.

So I’m going to Japan next week, like mentioned in an earlier post. Which required me to renew my passport, since it expired in September. I hadn’t felt like getting it renewed, since my plan wasn’t to return to Japan before around July. So there was no rush. Guess I was wrong.

At least the renewal process only took on week and I now have my new passport. I already miss my old one, since like with my things we often carry with us, it had history. I had my Russian visa, my Chinese visa and all my Japanese stamps. Now I have to “re-fill” my pass all over again, good thing I now have teen years. Unfortunately I do no plan to return to China or Russia. … well maybe China in the future, but I have other countries on my list, like South Korea.

Chinese Visa.

I remember being younger and my classmates was disappointed when we didn’t get any stamps on our travels in Europe. Guess that is a bit sad. At least I know I’ll probably get new Japanese stamps pretty fast. (my first one next week). Just not the same thing…  The good thing is, that I can now avoid a lot of questions in the Japanese immigration. Before they always spoke English to me (like they do with all foreigners), but then when they checked my passport they suddenly decided to speak Japanese and ask me questions such as. “Do you live in Japan?”, “Do you have friends here?” and of course “What are you doing here?”. Guess I can avoid those, at least until my stamps starts to pile up again.

Russian Visa.


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