Japanese flyers.

Mt. Fuji

Now writing this, I’m on a Japan Airlines flight to Tokyo, from Paris and have so far endured around half of the trip. Well more if you count my full day, which started at 03:30 am, then a flight at 06:50 am from Copenhagen to Paris. From where I had a flight to Haneda airport at 11 am. Finally I have a flight from Tokyo airport to Miyazaki airport, before my journey is complete.

It’s my first time flying internationally with JAL (Japan Airlines). It’s easy to see that it’s a Japanese company by the very small amount of foreigner passengers. In my current section of the plane, we’re two. So during this flight I noticed a little difference on Japanese flyers and non-Japanese flyers. Japanese people apparently don’t mind keeping their seat in a upright position, even through a full 14 hours flight.

For some reason I normally always end up behind the person who insists on putting their seat as far back as possible. Even often trying to lean all their weight on it from time to time during the flight, in hopes that it would be able to go back even further. Even at dinner times and other non-sleeping times. Often resulting in me having a hard time eating, since the front seat almost covers all my food, or having a hard time watching the TV, since lighting becomes all wrong. Or if I was stupid enough to have things at my table then… well may it rest in peace. Unfortunately I’m not a person who is good at speaking up in situations like that.

And, for the first time there has been no need. I was looking around my flight section and noticed that not a single person had reclined their seats back. All people were sitting in upright positions. Even though more than half of this people were using the time to sleep. So Japanese people don’t mind keeping their seats in an upright position?

Maybe they don’t want to bother the person behind them, which could be a very Japanese-like trait. Or maybe they just don’t see the need. I mean, Japanese people are rather famous for being able to sleep wherever and whenever. So maybe a seat’s position really doesn’t really make a difference.

Besides that, … well I’m very content with the service of JAL. I’ve been on many flights, but the meal I had on this flight was actually the best I’ve tried. Also even the “cutest” looking.

Well, there’s as of now, 5 hours and 38 minutes left of my flight and the scheduled landing time is 7:09 am.



You know you’re on a Japanese airline when they do this to the toilet paper. (Throughout the whole flight.)


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