The thing I didn’t know I missed.

So I’ve been in Japan almost two days now.

And on the flight I realized that I’ve missed drinking cold green tea and I didn’t even know it.

I actually used to really dislike green tea and avoided drinking it at any cost. Then when I went to Japan last spring, everywhere I went, they offered me green tea. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all other times. So I started drinking it because there was nothing else and that became normal for me.

So when I was on the flight to Japan I figured, okay why not have some cold green tea and after taking a sip I realized that I had grown really fond of the taste. Guess it just took some time to get used to. So the first thing I bought in the airport in Tokyo, besides two books was a bottle of green tea. Guess I have to enjoy it while time still are.

– I still prefer cold green tea over hot green tea though, but it’s probably also because I overall prefer cold drinks over warm.


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