“Honk For Japan” in Japanese.

Famous youtuber Nigahiga’s “Honk For Japan” video actually made it to Japan. A talk show host in Japan appears to have discovered Nigahiga’s video and decided to show it on her own show, in hopes of inspiring the people of Japan.

Japanese morning show ULALA@7 (With English subtitles)


The original video.


I’m happy to see Nigahiga’s (Ryan’s) warm video and generous gesture made it to Japan. Since I’m already a subscriber to his channel I saw the video on the day he uploaded it and was very touched by his commitment to try and help Japan and how he also urges other people to do the same. And I think it’s a great thing that people in Japan now also get a chance to see this video.

With this video he was able to show that not only he, but a lot of people care about what happened in Japan and with every 1,000,000 view his video gets, he promise to donate another 600 USD to the Red Cross foundation. So get the views rolling people!


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