The news keeps showing us new pictures and videos of the destruction and the death toll keeps rising. Now it’s likely over 10,000, not to mention all the people who has lost their homes, who only have limited supplies on food, water and shelter. People seeing the destructions with their own eyes, trying to recognize a city, an area or a street they’ve once walked so many times. And then there is the people who are now mourning over their lost ones. The biggest pain of all and something that can’t be replaced.

I’m not Japanese, but still I feel Japan is also a part of my life, a part of me. One way or the other, Japan affects my life everyday. Whether it’s talking to my Japanese fiance, or my family-in-law, studying Japanese language, history and culture at my university or spending time in Japan in general. Japan is always there, in my mind, in my heart and has been there for years.

So these news also affect me greatly. I send my prayers to Japan everyday and I too mourn of the thousand of lives lost. I pray that the people of Japan will not lose hope in these dark times. I pray that everyone will stay strong and unite. I pray that Japan will be able to come back from this, stronger than ever. I pray for everyone affected of the earthquake. And I know many people across the world does the same. #PRAYFORJAPAN#


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