Japan trip: Detour to Korea…

As said in a earlier post, my plan was to go to Japan next week (March 31st), mostly to visit my fiance. I still stick with this plan.

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and especially last week there was a lot of worries, when the fears concerning the Fukushima nuclear power plant was at their highest. A lot of countries, including my own, has recommended that people should not travel to anywhere in Japan. Which have of course made me follow all news concerning Japan very closely.

Today I got a phone call from Japan Airlines, they wanted to inform me that my flight from Paris to Tokyo was cancelled. (Probably due to too many people canceling their trip) So I was booked to a different flight going to… Korea. So my flight schedule for next Thursday looks like this:

Copenhagen -> Paris -> Seoul -> Tokyo (Narita -> Haneda) -> Miyazaki.

As if the trip wasn’t long enough. A good thing is that I now don’t need to wait for such a long time in Paris, since the flight to Korea is departing 3 hours earlier than my flight to Tokyo was scheduled to. She said I will arrive earlier in Japan, than planned. Though are my tickets for Miyazaki still the same, so I won’t arrive there earlier. But, it’s easier for me to entertain myself in Haneda airport than Paris (CDG) airport.


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