The long way to Osaka

Around 1 am on April 6th my husband and I got in the car and started a very long drive from Miyazaki to Osaka.

I fell asleep pretty fast while my husband was busy driving. Around 6 am we drove into a rest stop where we both slept in the car for about an hour. The day before we had bought several snacks, bread and beverage to get us through the trip. Around 12 pm we arrived in Osaka city.

As the first thing we headed to the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” to hand in some documents, which would take a for the ministry to return. The Osaka ministry building was very old inside and certainly needed a hand several places with cracks in the walls, floor and even some windows. We headed to the floor for foreign affairs where we were assigned a number and told to wait outside in the hall way. Then when it became our turn we were let into a small room with two desks. We handed in our papers and received a number. After that we headed to our hotel.

The next day we went to pick up our papers at the ministry, but since we were a bit too early we went to Osaka castle which was located just across the ministry building. I, myself had seen Osaka castle twice, but since my husband hadn’t seen it before I wanted to show him it.

Osaka Castle

After that, we picked up our papers and then we headed towards my favorite place in Osaka – Namba. Of course “shopping” was the main purpose. The famous Shinsaibashi shopping street, is a dream place for shoppers.

Namba (Dotonbori)

The Glico man with a message after the earthquake.

Then we also had dinner in Namba and went back to our hotel to sleep.


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