Japanese summer time, Yukata time.

So summer is here, Japan is still in their rainy season, but will soon enter July and the real summer events begin. Such as festivals, fireworks, Tanabata and other. And the things that symbolizes the Japanese summer, such as shaved ice, flowers, food stalls, colorful Tanabata papers, people who are desperately trying to chase the heat away with fans and Yukatas.

Yukata is the thin and light summer version of the Kimono, is especially worn at summer festivals. The first time I visited Japan, my host took me to a Kimono shop where she bought me a Yukata, Obi, shoes and accessory. Everything ended up costing around 12,000 yen (around 150 USD) and the sad thing is that I haven’t used my Yukata even once. Since I’ll be going to Japan in the end of July there will still be various festivals and events. My husband thought it would be a good idea to bring my Yukata to wear if we attended festivals, but I wasn’t sure. I have attended festivals in Japan and have also been surrounded by yukata wearing girls and women, but I didn’t really see myself using one.

But, maybe there should be a first and I do find kind of bad about having my yukata shoved away in a closet, when it’s not a cheap clothing item. So guess I came to the conclusion that I would at least bring the yukata with me to Tokyo next month and hope it becomes useful. Just must admit, I’m not a fan of tying a yukata, with the yukata in itself (which is not as simple as some versions bought in the west) and also the Obi.

(The Obi (with embroidered flowers), accessory and shoes.)



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