Rules of Japan

Back in January I wrote about a book called “Osaka Rules”, well later on during that trip I decided to buy the rest of the books in the series. When I went back to Japan in March, a new one had been released “Hokkaido Rules”. So now I have the following (from top left): Hokkaido Rules, Tokyo Rules, Osaka Rules, Nagoya rules and Hakata Rules. There is also a “Okinawa Rules”, but I haven’t bought that, yet.

These are very fun and interesting book about social “rules” in different areas in Japan. Even my husband had a lot of fun reading them. The books ranges from everything when it comes to “shopping”, “food”, “words”, “living” and etc. in the certain area of interest.

Like Tokyo people loves to shop expensive brands, in Osaka you should not use the word “jyan” and people in Hokkaido are well prepared for the cold winters. The rules are well written, in a more easy Japanese, in well-divided categories and some rules are even followed by a page of humorous manga to explain further.

I wonder if more books will come, like Hiroshima or from an area in Tohoku.


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