Tokyo, tourists and earthquakes.

So today is my 3rd day in Tokyo and one thing I cannot complain about is the lack of earthquakes – caused by the aftershocks in the Tohoku area – mostly located in Fukushima. We’ve had two noticeable earthquakes in the past two days. The last one woke us up around 03:50 am with it’s shaking.
There is also several posters everywhere advising people to save electricity.

But, besides that, foreigners seem to have returned to Japan. When I went to Japan back in March I was the only foreigner on the plane surrounded by Japan and didn’t spot a single foreign looking person in Narita airport – even though it was the popular cherry blossom season. Without a doubt the effect of the great Tohoku earthquake and the problems with the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This time around, half of the airplanes passengers were foreigners – even a lot from my own small country; Denmark and also Narita airport showed an increase in foreign tourists, the same with the streets of Tokyo where a foreigner now don’t have to feel “lonely” in the crowds.

So far we have not been doing much, mostly just wandered the streets of Shinjuku where our apartment is located. Yesterday we decided to make “しゃぶしゃぶ (Syabu Syabu)” for dinner.

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