Odaiba & a new camera.

So I’ve now been in Tokyo a week, but since I have not been doing much, I found it difficult to update. Two days ago my husband bought me a new digital camera. A Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX7. I had an old Sony Cyber-shot, so I had been thinking about buying a new camera for some time, especially since I love taking pictures.

So yesterday I got to try this new camera out, when we went to Odaiba. Our main reason for going there, was my because my husband wanted to look at furniture for future preferences. He often acts like we’re moving to Tokyo next month, and not in a few years. Well the Odaiba bay area is famous for its’ view of Tokyo bay, including Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

Odaiba is also home for the Fuji Television building, which is famous for it atypical design and of course also draw in fans of Fuji TV who wishes to get a tour inside. Then there’s also the chance to got to the top by elevator to enjoy the view, which though includes paying a certain fee.

One of my favorite things when it comes to Odaiba is probably the night view, which offers Tokyo’s glittering skyline and colorful small boats. This time around Tokyo Tower was lighting up with a blue color.

Also got to try out the panorama settings on my new camera.

Odaiba panorama view. (click for bigger)


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