New Japanese books.

So, I’ve received my new Japanese books for the upcoming semester, where we apparently will go from Intermediate level to advanced. So the bunch consists of two grammar books. One of them, Tobira, (left) is an around 400 pages thick book, which seems to focus on overall language learning, where one of the key features is the use of multimedia. The content of the book is very close to being in all Japanese and only  very limited space is left to English – about 2% of the entire book. So this time around there is no long grammar of sentence explanations in English, just long texts in Japanese. Guess this book shows that my class is now headed for the advanced level.


The second book, (the one in the middle) focuses on “200 Essential Japanese Expressions: A Guide to Correct Usage of Key Sentence Patterns”. It has around 235 pages, but like Tobira, English is also limited. Though in this book it might take up around 20%, with its’ grammar explanations.

The final book (right) is a Kanji book, our third book. With it’s 100 it’s not that big. Instead of teaching new Kanjis, it seems to focus more in the correct usage of the ones we have already learned, through various of drills and texts. This book is in 100 % Japanese.

Since I have not used these books, yet. I can’t do a prober review. Guess this is just a random rambling about my studies.


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