Nishino Kana – if.

Just sharing my current favorite song, “if” by Nishino Kana (西野カナ)

This song was released back in 2010, so it’s far from new, but lately I’ve fallen in love with it and especially today it’s been on repeat quite a lot.

It’s interesting to think that I loved Nishino Kana when she first debuted with her single “I” back in 2008. A time where she only managed to sell a few hundred copies. I bought her first album when it was released, but from there my interest seemed to start declining. I never even really listened to the album. Then towards the end of 2009 Nishino Kana experienced a sudden boost in her popularity and sales increased, a lot. I decided to give her second album a listen, especially the most popular single songs, like “Aitakute Aitakute” and I saw myself started to rediscover my interest in Kana and she has especially gone of my ranks after her newest 3rd album and is once again one of my favorite female Japanese solo artists.

I guess her popularity is also well proven, when I last week saw a concert ticket for her most recent tour on sale in one of Tokyo’s many “Ticket shops”, for the “small” amount of 30,000 yen (Around 380 USD).


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