Ueno Zoo.

Today we went to Ueno Zoo, which was my second visit to this park. the first being two years ago. And just like that day 2 years ago, it was a typical Japanese summer day – meaning very hot. This Zoo located in Tokyo is relatively big and the 600 yen (around 8 USD) ticket price reasonable, especially for me who grew up with ticket costing around 27 USD in Denmark.

So the main attraction is without a doubt the two Chinese Giant Pandas, which arrived to the zoo 6 months ago, replacing the panda that died back in 2008. A male and a female, named Liilii (Riirii) and Shinshin.


There is even a “line” to stand in if you want to see the pandas, though there weren’t really any waiting time when it came to the line for adults. People with children stood in another line, since they got closer to the pandas (easier to see for small children).There is also sold panda merchandise everywhere in the see and there is also a lot of panda decorations. Just, if you in case should forget that the zoo has pandas.

Besides pandas, my favorite animal in penguins and it’s one of the animals I always look forward to see and take pictures of.

Ueno zoo has a lot of animals to offer, more species than any other zoo in Japan, which I think it makes it worth a trip. Especially now where the giant pandas has returned. I have heard complains about a lot of the animals are kept in too small areas – unfortunately that is often the reality of zoos. I though have too agree that some of the animals, especially the big ones (like the elephants, hippopotamus and Rhino) could use more space.



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