Having two blogs.

My vacation is running out and I’ll resume university activities on Monday and that will take up a lot of my time. Which is a bit annoying when I have two blogs I feel I haven’t updated properly. There’s a lot of things from my trip to Japan I wish to share and blog about on this blog, like I mentioned in my previous post. But, I also have my other blog (Japan Diary), which I rarely update since it takes longer to write.

That is a blog where I post a translated version of the travel diary I kept during my 9 weeks of travel in Japan last year – the travel where I met my husband. It’s not so much a travel blog, more a personal drama taking place in Japan, where I try to share all the everyday experiences you can have in a foreign country, which is not necessarily famous tourist spots or delicious restaurants. It’s what could happen when you http://japanobsession.wordpress.com/ to live with families instead of staying at hotels, the people you can meet, the places you can see, the hardships you can face and even the happiness and heart ache you may feel. Overall true and very personal travel experiences about traveling around in Japan and ending of meeting a person that later on came to mean the world to me. Link: http://japanobsession.wordpress.com/ (also in the link sidebar)

But, I finally got around to write an update today on that blog, which I guess I would also share here. Also to mention that I do my best to put time aside to make updates on both. I hope to also have an update for this blog today, so I will be able to start crossing “Wish-to-do-posts” of my list.

Have a nice weekend everybody.


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