Trip to Tokyo Disneyland

On August 11th my husband and I went on a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Even though I had stayed in Tokyo three times over longer periods I’d never had the opportunity to visit the famous amusement park.

Despite it being on a regular Thursday, the park was like just like most of the densely populated areas of Japan, filled with people. Making me grateful I didn’t have to witness the park on a Sunday. My husband and I had tried to avoid the unmerciful Japanese summer sun, by arriving at the park around 2 pm, which made walking around the park more bearable.

The weather and the amount of people was of course wasn’t what surprised; it was more the size of the park. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I had expected Disneyland to be bigger and offering a lot more of interesting scenery. Not that the park didn’t have any scenery to offer, it was divided into several areas with unique Disney themes, like the Toy Story/Monsters Inc, Alice in Wonderland and Lilo & Stitch. There were also areas inspired by things such as the old west, New Orleans and others. Everything seemed very neatly done, even the famous Japanese vending machines were designed to match their assigned area.

There is no doubt that Disneyland is foremost catering the small children, which was obvious for many reasons, of course one was the fact that small children was the most populous people in the park. There was no scary looking rides, except the haunted house which is a bit disappointing to a rollercoaster loving person as me – since Disneyland only had one rollercoaster to offer, but I didn’t even find that interesting enough to stand in line for. And then there was the overwhelming amount of strollers waiting outside each ride.

There is no doubt that the biggest minus concerning Tokyo Disneyland is the amount of people. When we were just walking around in the park I didn’t notice it much nor were I bothered, the problem came when we looked at signs outside rides informing on the expected waiting time. 75% of the times the sign could inform us that we were expected to wait around 110 minutes and that was if the queue actually started where the sign was put. That resulted in the fact that my husband and I only tried one thing.
We did get in line for another thing, thinking that maybe 100+ minutes didn’t feel as long at they sounded – we were wrong. After waiting around a half an hour I started mentioning the option of giving up, but we continued. After an hour of waiting I suddenly remembered the famous “Disney Dream Lights” evening parade. We checked the clock and knew if we stayed, we would not make it. So after having waited for around 70 minutes we left the line and started to search for a place to watch the parade from. We were guided to a “sitting spot” along the main “street” were the parade would come by. Then 19:40 the music started and the parade had begun.

For me choosing the parade over the ride was the right decision, since the Dream lights parade was the biggest high light of Tokyo Disneyland for me. I loved the sparkling and colourful lights and the wonderland feeling.
After the show was over people, including us, headed for the exit. I kind of regretted not having tried more rides, especially since the tickets are far from cheap which made me feel that I owed my husband, who had paid, the have enjoyed the day more, but overall I saw it as an interesting experience, but not sure I would return.


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