A daring trip to Fukushima (Day 1)

Sunday August 21st was a rather busy day for my husband and I. First we had promised to meet a group of his friends around 11 am at a restaurant, that one of the friends owned which meant we had it to ourselves. His friend served us all kinds of amazing fish dishes that made me eat even when I was past full. I enjoyed the company of his friends, who also had a lot of interesting questions to ask me. Questions which was heard to hear at times due to a lot of energetic children running around.

We could not stay longer than a few hours though, since we later had an appointment with a Shinkansen departure (Bullet Train). Actually my husband was stalling things a bit, that resulted in us rushing bit to get to Tokyo station in time. Our destination was the recently famous Fukushima prefecture. The prefecture, which is home for the unstable nuclear reactor that has been close to, a meltdown since The Great Earthquake back in March. Our reason for going to Fukushima prefecture is to visit some of my husband’s relatives who live in Koriyama – around 50 kilometres from the nuclear reactor. The Japanese safety zone is 20 kilometres, but Europe seem to think the safety zone should be bigger, some even think around 80 kilometres is preferred. So saying the nuclear reactor was not on my mind a bit, would be a lie. My husband seemed to fear the big earthquake that still frequently hits Fukushima, even reaching 5 on the Richter scale.

So around one and half hour later we arrived at Koriyama station and met my Husband’s cousin who was there to pick us up. We drove around 10-15 minutes and then arrived to a house. Inside there were four people to greet us; the cousin’s son, her parents (my husband’s uncle and aunt) and another uncle. We sat down around a table in the living room and I quickly started admiring the house, which was bigger than I imagined. (I was used to the size of some houses in the Japanese country side, but this one just seemed far more fancy) It seemed newly renovated, but still had a lot of traditional Japanese feel to it. As it got later more family members started to arrive (the cousin’s brother and sister and their families) and also the cousin’s two other sons returned. I lost track of the amount of people who suddenly surrounded me and even though my stomach was filled from lunch, I did my best to eat some of all the food with was put in front us (huge amount of sushi, fried things, vegetables, etc.).

There was a lot of talk about “The Great Earthquake“, especially questions about where my husband was when it stroke and their own location. The family had a lot of personal experiences about that terrible day back in March to tell about and hearing it from a first-hand-sources was a great experience. Something very different.

It became very late before we got to take a shower and was showed our room upstairs. Before we went to sleep we were told that tomorrow’s departure was 9 o’clock, where the destination was the Aizu area and the Aizu castle.

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