Abe Mao – Soba ni Ite

Tomorrow, Abe Mao’s new single Soba ni Ite will be released. The single also includes live recordings from her latest concert in Tokyo (6 tracks).


01 側にいて
02 YURALI forever
Songs from 「阿部真央らいぶ 夏の陣in東京」@日比谷野外大音楽堂(2011.08.14)
03 痛み
04 19歳の唄
05 Don’t leave me
06 for ロンリー
07 雨上がりの夜空に
08 走れ
09 光

I myself, am a very big fan of Abe Mao and I also went to the before mentioned live concert in Tokyo (Hibiya Park). It was an amazing experience and Abe Mao is even more amazing live, where she gives all her energy and shows people her cute and energetic charm. She also preformed “Soba ni Ite” at this concert, where it really captivated me, which is the reason why I wanted to share this song with people. Unfortunately youtube only had the short version, but I guess it works nice as a preview. It’s a slow and sad song, which Abe Mao preforms beautifully and I hope people will like this song as much as I do. Please give Abe Mao, who is probably still unknown to a lot of people, some of your time. She’s a young artist you deserves a very bright future.

Me in My Abe Mao concert T-shirt.


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