Spotting the Japanese…?

My Japanese husband and I waiting at the bus stop in Denmark.

So I was thinking about adding a new aspect to my blog, some cartoons. I do find these kinds of cute additions rather humorous on other people’s blogs and therefore I got carried away about the spirit of creativity – if it just had blessed me with talent as well.
So as you can see, I’m not that talented with a pencil, nor do I use it much. I mostly just did some drawing when I was in elementary school – which mostly turned into doodles of boredom, so I’m well aware that these cartoons wont be much praise-worthy, but I did hope that they could bring some smiles – or at least help with explaining personal experiences in future blog entries.
As seen on the pictures above, do I use a more rough drawing style and I won’t really bother with perfecting any lines or annoying details (like hands, detailed faces, backgrounds and etc.) it’s just to give you all a so-so image of the story I want to tell. This is mainly because I do not have that much time to perfect things like that and besides – let’s just face it, they’ll never be perfect anyway. Haha.

My husband and I will probably be the most reoccurring characters, my hair color will probably change between red and brown (depending on when the story took place, since I colored my hair brown a month ago – it used to be red, so stories from before that I’ll have read hair)
My husband and I always speak Japanese together, but often I’ll probably just show our conversations in only English.

Have a nice weekend.


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