Aaa the ”Cuteness” [Japan Loving Foreign Girls]



So I have been wondering something for quite some time – what is it about Japan that makes some non-Japanese young women act like little girls?

If you have an interest in Japan (or general knowledge about Japan) I’m pretty sure you know the type of girls I’m talking about. Maybe you’re even part of the group yourself, then maybe you can enlighten me.

I’m talking about the type of girls who loves Japan (often manga and anime) who then tries to take cuteness to a annoying level. A quick search on youtube will give you several videos with non-Japanese girls who should be in the age of evident maturity, who speaks Japanese with high pitched voices stretching out words like “desu”, “ne” and “etto” way too much and through around “victory signs” like they get paid by the amount. Sometimes these people are even by a popular term referred to as “weeaboos” – I do not like to use this term though.

Is this a rant entry? You might call it that, but I also think I’m generally confused about the whole thing.

I often get comments and messages on youtube from Japanese people telling me how nice to hear a foreigner using “natural” Japanese. That I don’t try to act Japanese and that I don’t overuse “ne” and other filler words. For people to actually take the time to write these comments and messages just shows that the “cute girls” are definitely getting known – and they’re increasing.

So what is the whole cuteness about? Do these girls actually try to act their image of Japanese girls or are they trying to bring their favorite anime and manga characters to life.

I think many blog entries about the difference about “real Japan” vs “manga lovers image of Japan” can be written, but with these girls I just feel generally confused. To be honest I’ve never myself met any Japanese girl act like some of these Japan loving non-Japanese girls, so should I just assume that it’s the anime talking?

I also sometime believe the more “cute” this girls act, the less the chance is that they’ve actually ever been to Japan. Visiting Japan often tend to be an awakening to these girls that the Japanese they try so hard to speak is actually neither the common way of speaking in Japan – nor is it actually wanted. I seriously doubt many Japanese would take grown up girls who says things like “Konnichiwaaaa Love-chan desuuuu YAY” seriously.

I am aware that in the recent years Japan has been associated with various kinds of “cuteness”, but is it really necessary to take it to that next level?

If it is the anime talking, I’m in no way telling people to stop acting like this if brings them joy. For my sake knock yourself with all the cute voices, pig tails and stretched out words. All I hope is that these girls keep this fact in mind: it’s not real.

I myself have no interest in anime and manga, but I never try to burst any bubbles, I often just try to tell people who have a general interest in Japan not to use manga and anime as their only sources. This concerns both the language learning and also when it comes to understanding the Japanese society. I’ve seen so many anime-loving people getting culture shocks in Japan, when they realize that anime is FAR from everything in Japan. Suddenly they had to realize that the common Japanese person didn’t know their favorite anime or manga and that they actually couldn’t care less. Also learning just Japanese from anime should also be taken with a grain of salt. One of my female class mates (I’m a Japanese major) kept talking like a guy (using words only males use) and say things like “show me your panties” during the first year, because that’s how they spoke in her favorite animes.

To all the “cute girls”, if you have fun – then rock on, but if you ever find yourself in the actual country of Japan, please have a “mature” back-up character to take over, unless you only tend to hang out in Akihabara and Harajuku. Or else you might find yourself more alienated than regular foreigners.


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  1. I see it in two ways. There’s the type who think acting like anime characters is how Japanese people are >.< that's when it gets annoying. Then the people who admire Japanese style and dress in Kawaii/Lolita clothes that would be considered to young for them in most other countries. But both seem to be categorized together .I've noticed I can't keep the same tone of voice when speaking Japanese but I certainly don't go super sonic lol. I like the style of Sweet Lolitas, and have been wanting to try it for myself but it doesn't mean I want to be a little girl. I think lots people who attempt this sort cuteness often take it too far and try to hard. I read a lot to practice my Japanese reading but not vocab plus its hard not to love it ;).

    • Thank you for the comment. I am using my phone so I will keep it short. I actually have nothing against the whole lolita fashion or other cute way of dressing. The picture is a bit random. I mostly tried to focus on the change of voices and acting as 10 year old girls. 🙂 hehe

      • Ha ha I’m sorry if my comment came off as bitter. I just meant to compare the two or well just putting my two cents in. I think I worded my comment incorrectly 😦 I really liked this post and agree with you.

    • Oh no! You didn’t come off as bitter in any way! I actually tried to agree with you, but guess I’m not good at replying on a phone. I just wanted to say that I have nothing against lolita and other cute fashion and my blog entry is mostly just focused on the girls who change their voices and act like little girls. 🙂 Myabe I should have used another picture, but it was hard to find a picture which didn’t target any people in particular. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Finally another girl with the same thinking! From my point of view, one reason they act like this is because all those anime/manga and Jdramas (especially in comedies actors really tend to *intentionally* overact). Another reason could be that when they do visit Japan, they visit fashion shops in Shibuya/Harajuku where the staff are trained to talk with super high voice and ridiculous facial expressions (adding to it the kawaii clothes and too much make-up), so foreigners tend to get wrong impression about Japan~
    I actually see Japanese teens also acting vomit-level-kawaii and using “ore” and other boys words… But they are generally considered to be shallow by the majority of Japanese people ^^;

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