Great timing (Mid-terms)

I’m sorry for being this inactive on my blog and youtube (for those who follow that as well). I’m currently working on my graduation thesis and exam season is also coming up. I won’t be active on this blog before after I’ve finished my graduation thesis next month, by then I should be free enough to be an active blogger again.

Today, while writing on a report my computer freezes. I force it to shut down, but when I try to turn it on again, all I get is beeping noises, it turns out that this is the sound of a macbook pro which has run out RAM. The bright side is that I have a Macbook Air as well, I also praise myself happy that I’m old fashioned enough to have written all my 25 pages of notes for my graduation thesis in hand and not that that specific computer. The downside is that I only have Open office on my macbook air, wheres I prefer to use Microsoft office on my macbook pro, I also lost the progress I had made on my other report, since I had only written 2 pages, I hadn’t taken the time to save it on an USB as I normally do. Also the articles I was using for the report was on that computer, so I had to download them again. 

Then as I had finally re-written the 2 lost pages on my other computer, my throat starts hurting and I start to cough a lot and my voice suddenly disappeared. I’ve gotten a nice cold. 

So overall, this day gets an impressive top score in bad timing during this mid-term season.


Season greetings to all!