My new expensive obsession (Disney LE dolls)

Hi, so long time no see. It’s been a lot of stressful months for me, but I hope to get back on the blogging and youtube horse.

Lately I’ve gotten a new hobby, or rather a new obsession, which is limited edition Disney dolls – especially the 17 inch limited edition dolls. Never heard of them? Well, me too.

Since 2008, the Disney store have released 17 inch limited edition dolls, often to coincide with DVD releases or anniversaries – the standard price is often 99.99 USD.
Their first dolls was the Snow White doll, she was limited to 5,000 dolls worldwide – due to her being the first and now been around for almost 6 years – she’s the most wanted doll among most fans and buying her on ebay will set you back at least 1,500 USD. She is the holy grail of Disney doll collectors.

Another famous doll is the “17 Alice in Wonderland doll, on auctions she costs the same as Snow White, one of the reasons is her extremely limited number, since there’s only made 500 Alice dolls worldwide.

How did my interest start? As readers of my blog probably knows is that my interest used to be Japan, traveling, fashion and make-up – never dolls or Disney. My husband and I decided around November to start trying to get pregnant and therefore I started buying my favorite Disney movies on DVD (mostly the princess movies and the Lion King), since I wanted them with the Danish dub and not the Japanese, so I felt I needed to hurry and buy those available before moving to Japan. I started seeing some of them and was reminded of the lovely stories of my childhood. I came across a picture of the Animators’ Collection Dolls on the internet…


It was love at first sight. I went to my local Disney store, “just to see them” and on a whim, I ended up buying Belle and Mulan, my first doll purchase as an adult. Brought them home and I was in love. Called my mother and asked her to buy Ariel and Jasmine for me. Before I knew it, around the end of December I had bought them all – most on Japanese sites and shipped to my father-in-law’s house in Japan, so I didn’t have to bring them with my when I move, because these dolls are huge (also around 17 inches/47 cm).

Then I thought that was it. Then I saw the lovely Elsa (from the Disney movie, Frozen) classic doll (a classic doll is like a barbie doll, just made by Disney and not Mattel) on the Disney store page – she was beautiful. But I thought “what are you going to do with her?” and I didn’t buy her. The next day I looked she was sold out and that’s when I knew that I needed her. I looked on ebay, but the prices were too high. I looked on Japanese sites, but Elsa was sold out – only Anna was to find. Then a day later, I was checking Yahoo! auctions (like a Japanese ebay) and there the classic Anna and Elsa dolls were and their price was the same as the Danish retail price and they were buy now. Then I decided to buy all the Disney classic dolls (except Merida). Then I saw the limited edition of the Anna and Elsa dolls…


They are both 17 inches tall and limited to 2500 worldwide and their retail price was 99.99 USD (per Doll). I looked them up and it turns out that they were sold back in November, around the release of the movie Frozen and they sold out within minutes of being released online. I looked at ebay and the prices were crazy and so was the Japanese prices.

A few days later I heard that a new pair of limited Anna and Elsa dolls would be released for pre-order on the 10th of January, limited to 5000 worldwide. I thought… that’s it! I studied up on how to get the dolls, the best ways to prepare myself (seriously, for those who haven’t tried it, buying the limited editions dolls are like a war online and they sell out within minutes) and then I was ready for the 10th of January. My husband and I got up 30 minutes before their release (which were 00.00 am California time) and 9:00 am Danish time. Around 00.05 am I got the link for the dolls and my heart was beating while I checked out and it went through at 00.07 am. I had my first Limited edition dolls. !!! The dolls sold around within around 40 minutes or less.

After that I just looked on Yahoo! Auctions for my next chance – which was limited edition Ariel, which my husband bought for me. She’s limited to 6000 worldwide.


Then things happened fast and the same day I got the fairy tale designer couple of Snow White and the Prince (limited to 6000). These designer dolls are a bit smaller than the “17 dolls – think they’re around 12 inches tall.



I still was searching for a good price on the November edition of the Anna and Elsa dolls (the ones pictured above), but their ebay prices kept rising in an uncontrollable speed – especially Elsa. No other dolls has seen such a price jump in such a short time. It took years for Snow white to reach the level she’s at now, but for Elsa it took only weeks. Elsa’s newest sales price on ebay is 750 USD and the pair was sold for 1200 USD a few days ago. It’s crazy. They finally showed up on Yahoo! Auctions as “buy now” for around 600 USD – an expensive price, but compared to ebay it was cheap and my husband bought them for me. I had finally gotten my two most wanted dolls.

Two days ago I bid on more Japanese auctions and won: Designer Mulan doll, Designer Snow White doll (the designer is very different from the “17 doll) and then I won the “17 Cinderella doll.



All these dolls bought within a month – I’m officially obsessed. Though the good thing is that these dolls can be considered an investment. They might be expensive – but they will only get more expensive with time. Meaning if I don’t want them anymore in a few years I can sell them and probably get more money than I paid (or my husband paid, to be honest).

So what’s next? Of course my dream is to get Tiana and Belle (both “17), but their price level is out of my reach – at least what I feel like paying since they’re both close to 500 USD per doll. The same goes for long haired Rapunzel. So the next doll I’ll try to get is the Ever After Rapunzel (short haired), since she’s limited to 6,000 worldwide and not as popular, so often she’s sold around retail price. She’s the final doll that I feel is within my reach of price and that thought makes me happy. I can’t wait to see all my dolls, which are stored in Japan. I want to buy a glass case/cabinet for them, with LED lights and a lock, so they can be show cased in my future living room.


5 responses

  1. I’ve also never heard of these dolls, but they are stunning! Your collection of these is impressive, especially considering the fact you got all of these rare dolls in such a short time span. I can’t get over how lovely they are!

  2. That’s one dangerous obsession you’ve got going there. I recently started collecting these dolls as well actually. XD I mainly just want the Frozen dolls though. Alas, Snow Queen Elsa is the only one I’m missing in order to complete my set and now she’s inflated to ridiculously high prices. -.- You’re so lucky to have been able to get her! 😀 Question for you: were the Frozen LE dolls ever released in Japan? I was kind of banking on the Snow Queen Elsa being released in Japan when the movie comes out there but if they’ve already been released in Japan then that possibility gets ruled out. :/ By the way, what search term did you use when you found them on Yahoo! Japan Auctions? ^^; Cheers!

    • It is dangerous, isn’t it? Especially for one’s bank account. So many of us seems to have gotten into the doll collecting recently – more and more every time. It might be the “Frozen” storm. The Frozen dolls were the first ones I fell in love with anyway. I also consider myself lucky to be able to get both Anna and Elsa for a more reasonable price – at the time 600 dollars for two dolls seemed extremely expensive, but when I looked at ebay, it was actually a good price.

      The Frozen dolls were never released in Japan, but sorry to say… they won’t. The LE dolls are always released on the same date and the same time worldwide, meaning that we won’t see a sudden appearance of Snow Queen Elsa in Japan. For some reason Disney only decided to Release the Frozen dolls in the US and Europe and only very rare times did Japan get any dolls. (They had Cinderella, and two Fairytale sets).

      There has been 3 available sets of the Frozen dolls on the Japanese auctions since they were released. Two sets was from the same seller, which was 600 dollars. She released one set, and during the days I tried to convince my husband to buy them for me – they sold out, which made me sad. Another seller had the dolls individually listed for 450 dollars each, which was above my price level. Then the other seller released another set of the dolls for 600 dollars on the 19th of January – which were around the time Elsa’s price hit 700 dollars, which made it easier for me to convince my husband, who kept thinking it was a bubble and he bought the dolls a few hours after they hit the auctions. A week later, the 450 dollar Elsa was bought and another week later, Anna’s price was lowered to 380 dollars and she got bought as well. Meaning, the popularity is certainly rising in Japan.
      So currently there are no dolls available. Though, if you want to check once in a while, you can search for the Japanese title of the movie, which is アナと雪の女王 (Anna and the Snow Queen) or just アナと雪.

      It’s crazy how Elsa’s price has reached insane levels – lately I saw that she passed 1000 dollars. (0.o) Almost 2000 dollars for the set.
      I truly which you the best when it comes to finding Elsa. She’s a gorgeous doll (at least on pictures, since I haven’t seen the real thing, yet.) and she belongs in any doll collection, but not many people are ready to spend 800+ dollars on a single doll. It’s sad.

      • Agreed. I hate how so many people are looking to make a profit out of her by taking advantage of the Frozen hype right now. Well, I guess if you’re going to do it, it should be now.

        It’s unfortunate that Japan won’t be getting any of the dolls though. Maybe more of them will pop up on Auctions after the movie is released over there. Here’s hoping.

        Thank you for the information and congrats on your collection! ^^

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