Goku Day -Reminiscing about my childhood hero


Today it’s May 9th – 5/9, which is pronounced Go/kuu in Japanese, which then became the official Goku day here in Japan.

My blog has been inactive for some time and I’ve debated about what to actually do with it, but I’ve decided to give it one more try. I hope to make at least one entry a week and I’m happy for continued traffic to this blog despite its’ dormant status.

So who is everyone’s childhood hero? Mine is without a doubt Son Goku of the famous series Dragon Ball. It’s strange because I’ve never really been interested in anime or manga, not before and not now. I’m living proof that it’s possible to live in Japan without having any knowledge about this worldwide popular phenomenon.

There’s only one exception… Dragon Ball. To be more precise: Dragon Ball Z.

It was the first manga I ever saw in my home country Denmark back in the 90’s and start of the 2000’s. The whole idea of manga was so foreign to me I even read the two first volumes of the serious backwards. My stepbrother was reading the books and it quickly sparked an interest within me big enough to go and get all the volumes released so far, though I must admit I wasn’t hooked before The main character, Goku, became an adult in the arch called Dragon Ball Z.

I loved the serious and read the books several times. All the girls around me couldn’t care less about the guys with big muscles fighting each other, so I got accepted into the the group of boys, which is a big thing when you’re 10 years old. We would talk about DBZ, practice Kamehamehas and anticipate the next book.

We watched the anime on a German channel without being able to understand what was said, but we were still mesmerized and filled with excitement thinking about the next episode. Son Goku and Son Goten were my favorite characters. In my naive childhood years, Goku was the perfect Hero – the perfect guy. I didn’t see any flaws in his actions, when he came swooping in saving the day, even sacrificing his life to save others. In contrast, I saw Vegeta as an annoying jerk and I couldn’t understand his popularity.

During the years I’ve rewatched Dragon Ball z several times, especially the Cell and Buu saga – the Buu saga being my favorite. A few years ago I stumbled upon “Dragon Ball Abridged” by team four star on youtube and it’s one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Binge watching their amazing episodes again and again, got me through the darkest days of my pregnancy and once again reminded me about how much I still love Dragon ball Z more than 15 years down the road. Dragon Ball Abridged even made me realize who my true favorite character of the show is, Vegeta. I loved every minute of him on the screen and made me rethink my opinion about him in the original show as well. He’s without a doubt the character showing the most growth throughout the series, going from being a villain to a hero. I’m proud to say that I’m a Vegeta fan now, I carry my awesome Vegeta bag with pride and I’m still searching for the perfect Vegeta strap for my phone.

That being said, Goku is the Hero of my Childhood. He was kind, heroic, positive and strong, for a 10 year old girl without a proper father figure, he was my ideal man. I desperately wanted a father like him.

Of course, the adult me now realize how rose colored my glasses were back then and I now see Goku as the naive, irresponsible and often selfish character for what he is, but he’s still a Hero. A naive and irresponsible hero, just waiting for his next challenge. He’s great at seeing the good in people, making enemies his allies and protecting the earth – therefore a true hero in my book. Do I want to be married to him? Hell no. In that regard, I think Bulma is onto something.

Happy 30th Anniversary to Dragon Ball! Happy Goku day! I’ll be waiting for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.

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J-pop talk: Ieiri Leo [家入レオ]

So, it’s been forever since I updated this blog. I have several ideas for new posts, especially I wish to make a series of “things foreigners wished more Japanese people knew”, where I’ll write about some annoying stereotypes foreigners experience in Japan – but also overall some misconceptions many Japanese people have about certain things in the international world.

Today, I just felt like sharing some music, since I realized that I’ve not, yet introduced one of my newer favorite artists – Ieiri Leo.

I feel in love with this girl a few months back, when I was looking for new music. I often look for new music and when I listen to new artists they often feel bland. I was actually thinking how I missed being completely captured by a voice or a song, when I pressed play on one of Ieiri Leo’s songs – Message. I had only listened 20 seconds when I knew that she was the girl I was looking for. Especially after YUI went hiatus and later dropped her solo career, I’ve mostly only been all about Abe Mao – who I have earlier introduced here. Ieiri Leo has the type of voice and songs I love the most – a little similar to YUI and Abe Mao. She has also been trained at the same school as YUI – which might explain the slight similarities in style.

Wonderful pop songs, which are not too cheesy or repetitive. I sometimes like cheesy pop songs to dance around to, when that’s the case I listen to AKB48 or other idols.

When I just want to listen to music, which I feel reach me on another level, I listen to Abe Mao, YUI, Nishino Kana and now Ieiri Leo.

Ieiri Leo is a young girl, born in 1994 and is now 19 years old. Like pretty much all my favorite artists and idols – (and people) she is born in the island of Kyuushu (Fukuouka prefecture). Apparently I’m drawn to Kyuushu people. YUI (Fukuouka), Abe Mao (Oita), Kashiwagi Yuki (Kagoshima) and now Ieiri Leo. Even my husband is from Kyuushu.

She debuted in 2012 with the song: Sabrina.

Next she released “Shine”, which is one of her most famous songs.

Which has nice lyrics that reminds people that you will fall down many times in life, but as long as we keep on shinning, we can climb even the “tallest walls”

By international standards, Ieiri doesn’t have a perfect voice, but in Japanese standards, it’s good. I don’t really seek the perfect, beautiful voices – that would also make it hard for me to love Japanese music in general. I actually find a lot of perfect voice to be a little boring, wheres people like Ieiri, Abe Mao and YUI has a lot of personality in their voices. A uniqueness, which I love.
After hearing Ieiri’s songs and loving them all, I hurried to buy her album and singles while there still were limited editions left to start my new collection. That’s the same I did with Abe Mao some time after her debut, which is why I own all limited edition CDs she’s made. Same reason why I have the first indies singles by AKB48, which at that time were cheap and only had very few copies – since I used to be a fan.

Ever since her debut, Ieiri has managed get the attention of many in the music world and she has won several awards, including best new artist.
All her singles have been in the top 10 of the Oricon charts.
The newest single by Ieiri, released last month, is “Taiyou no Megami” (Goddess of the sun) Got 7th on the charts and it’s another beautiful song.

Her next single will be released in the end of January.

With this, I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Youtube: South East asia travel.

My husband and I spent around 20 days traveling through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam – I pretty much made a youtube for each day to give people an insight into what you can experience in those countries. I have not uploaded all videos, yet, but they’ll be created over the next upcoming days.

Here’s some examples, the rest can be seen on my youtube channel.

I plan to make three individual blog posts about each of the mentioned three countries sometime in the near future. My experiences, impressions, feelings and memories. Until then, I’ll work on getting the last videos together.

Youtube: Day 1 – Bangkok

Overall I have been too busy to update my blog during this travel so far, also because I’m working on my youtube channel at the same time. So I thought I would put my youtube updates on this blog as well.

So here’s a video of how my first day in Bangkok – with my husband went. The spoken parts are in Japanese with English (and Japanese) subtitles.

The video contains us getting a bit lost in Bangkok, then we go temple watching and finish the day off at a restaurant.

YOUTUBE: My City Aarhus.

So, I have 4 days left in Denmark before I leave for 6 months – first starting out with a 3 weeks travel in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and then 5 months of study at Kobe University in Japan. I have tried to spend time with friends and people I might come to miss during the upcoming 6 months. Then I also got a request on youtube, asking me to introduce my city – which is a Danish city called Aarhus. It’s the second largest city of Denmark and it’s where Aarhus University – which I attend, is located. I grew up in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and moved to Aarhus one and a half year ago to attend the university, so I’m still a bit new in the city. Though I do know my way around, know the famous places and I don’t really see getting lost as a possibility.

I also have become quite fluent in the Aarhus-dialect, even though I swore I would do anything to keep my Copenhagen-dialect, guess it didn’t work out. I do seem to suck up dialects like a sponge, which explains why I often can speak Japanese with a touch of at least 4 different dialects/speech patterns (for an example: Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Tokyo …). I think my Japanese husband finds it a bit weird that I still haven’t picked up anything from Miyazaki and I still have trouble understanding that dialect – even though I have been to Miyazaki several times.

Well, I just decided I would share my newest youtube video – like I did the last time. I have already said my goodbyes to the city of Aarhus, since I for my remaining few days in Denmark have returned home to Copenhagen and spend time with my mother and friends, before my adventures starts in the far east. I hope to keep updating as I go along. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Updating Youtube.

So I haven’t updated in almost two weeks and the reason for that is that I’ve been focusing a bit more on my YouTube channel lately. Normally there can easily go months between new videos at my channel, but since I’ll be off to South Asia and Japan soon, I thought it was about time to get more active, since I do hope to use my youtube channel as a vlog – at least during my months in Japan. So if you’re interested in Japan, I hope you’ll watch my future videos.

About a week ago I made a vlog video updating people on my travel plans in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and my study plans at Kobe university in Japan. I also including clips of my husband and I trying to move out some things from my apartment, since I’ll be rented out during the six months I’m gone. The above screen capture is taken from that video – which is subtitled in Japanese.

Then I made a new video today. I decided to to a new self introduction, since the last time I did that was over two years ago and a lot of things have changed. Mostly I answer often asked questions, such as:

– Do you speak Japanese?
– Have you been to Japan?
– Where have you been in Japan?
– What is your favorite Japanese things?
– What is your future goal?
– What is the aim of your channel?

Because I have many Japanese viewers I decided to do this video in Japanese (except the first 50 seconds or something.) I then provided English subtitles.

I guess I just felt like writing about what I’ve been up to. Feel free to watch my newest video – which I’ve included in the entry or check out my YouTube channel HERE.

Then I hope that have everyone is having a nice weekend.

Kyary pamyu pamyu

So what’s Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? That’s the stage name of 18 year old Takemura Kirikiko, who is a Harajuku model and blogger who in 2011 also turned into a recording artist. Her first single PONPONPON was released in July 2011. She also managed to get the 16th place at last.fm’s “top 100 new discoveries” in “best of 2011”. She also have her own line of fake eyelashes. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is also known for 変顔 (Hengao) which means “weird face(s)”, which she enjoys making a lot. So when she’s not busy looking like this:

She often likes making faces like this:

She often takes pictures of these faces and uploads them to her blog or/and twitter. She started out as a fashion blogger and then managed to get a professional career modeling for Harajuku magazines like “zipper”. Her debut single and debut mini album (もしもし原宿/Moshi Moshi Harajuku) was produced and composed by Nakata Yasutaka, which is a member of the electro pop duo Capsule and also famous for producing music for artists such as Perfume, MEG and Suzuki Ami. It is also pretty evident that some of the electro pop sounds from these mentioned artists has been carried over to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music, which has the electro beats and the auto tune voice, but she also manages to keep something that makes her unique. Her music is cute, weird, catchy and gets stuck in your head. The fact that she’s not just a solo version of perfume is apparent in the actuality that I don’t like listening to perfume or such artists. So it surprised me how fast Kyary Pamyu Pamyu grew on me since I do not normally enjoy or find myself listening to electro pop. I decided to give her try after seeing updates concerning her newest single “Tsuke matsukeru” on a news page for Japanese media, I guess I was intrigued by her “weirdness”, but when I finally hit the “play” button for the Tsuke matsukeru music video I didn’t expect to like what I would hear.

Her voice was a bit like I predicted, very girlish, high-pitched and to be honest not that vocally talented. But, I still watched the full video and even decided to download her single – I was hooked. And that feeling certainly didn’t change when I got around to listening to her debut single PONPONPON, with it’s “ponpon way-way-way, ponpon way pon way ponpon” which is meant to get stuck in one’s heard like a virus. And this “virus” does also seem to spread outside of Japan, since more and more non-Japanese people (including myself) have found interest in this weird girl and when Japanese internet magazine Nikki Trendy Net did a interview with her they included this in the headline: 海外でも人気の原宿系カリスマモデル! (Harajuku charisma model who’s popular even popular overseas) The interview can be found here : [Nikki Trendy Net ] (in Japanese) which includes talks about her beginning to like lolita fashion in a young age, but when she entered elementary school she couldn’t dress like that anymore and dressed in regular clothes from GAP and Uniqlo instead.

Her songs hold neither any deeper meanings nor any serious feelings for that matter – they’re just light, cute and catchy. I’ve included two of her videos for those who feel like trying her out.

A good weekend to everybody.

J-Pop talk: Abe Mao.

So today I’ll make an small introduction to one of my favorite Japanese music artists.

I have two favourite singers; one is YUI, who I’ve been a fan of since the release of her single “Feel my soul” back in 2005. The other one is a singer called Abe Mao, compared to YUI she is rather unknown, which is why I thought I would mention her.

Abe Mao is 21 years old, born in Oita prefecture and debuted in 2009 with her album called free.

I discovered Abe Mao while looking around on youtube, where I came across her debut song free, which was not long after the release of the album of the same name.

I liked her music style, which showed some similarities to YUI. I liked her voice, her energy and overall presence.  Her voice wasn’t flawless, neither is it today, but her voice is filled with personality, a charm that lures you in and a voice that isn’t just one among a million.

Like with YUI, Abe Mao posses a kind of uniqueness that can draw an audience. They both also write their own lyrics, play the guitar and piano as well.

After listening to “free”, I looked up some of her other songs, which was part of the debut album, and I was quickly hooked. On a whim I decided to buy her album and even managed to get my hands on the almost sold out limited edition. Shortly after her first single was released, titled “Tsutaetai Koto / I wanna see you” and from there I started to anticipate all her new releases, which I of course also pre-ordered to keep my newly found and growing Abe Mao CD collection in tact.

What I also love about Abe Mao is how she doesn’t try to look or act perfect. She doesn’t try to be a polished idol. She has a nice humour, which she doesn’t mind turning against herself. I mean, how many singer would write a song called  ストーカーの唄~3丁目、貴方の家~ (The Stalker Song ~3rd block, your house~). Which has lyrics like these:

”You little sister, she’s cute. She’s called Moe-chan, right?

”The 3rd block, the stakeout of love”

”Don’t be scared. I’m just looking.”

”I’m just loving you. Please notice”

Abe Mao has a great array of both; fast paced, rock-ish songs, amazingly beautiful ballads, acoustic-like songs, fun, upbeat pop songs and many other styles that are hard to put in categories. Especially because Abe Mao possesses great diversity when it comes to her music and she never becomes neither boring nor ordinary.

Of course the biggest highlight for me occurred this summer when I was able to see Abe Mao live in Tokyo. She has an amazing stage presence and energy and while seeing her perform you have no doubt that she’s doing something she loves. Something I hope she can continue with for years to come, because she deserves it. She’s not just one in a million, she’s Abe Mao.

Last, I’ll finish of with her latest single, Soba ni Ite (Full version), which is a song I really love. It’s a beautiful ballad, both in words and overall feel and really displays Abe Mao’s talent and potential.

Autumn J-dramas: Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de

So the next drama I’ll introduce is ”Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de”. Before the autumn dramas aired, people were asked which drama they were looking most forward to see and number one on the poll results for both men and women were “Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de”. Also the actual viewer amount has kept this drama very high in the overall autumn season drama ranking. But what is it all about and does the drama live up to its’ popularity?

Plot overview:
When I started watching this drama, shortly after the first episode had aired, I actually didn’t know what it was about and I could only base my ideas on the promotional pictures, which mostly just showed a rich girl and a butler. Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de turned out to be a murder-case drama, with very few main characters and reappearing supportive characters as well. You’ll meet three characters, who are:

Hosho Reiko (Actress: Kitagawa Keiko)

Hosho Reiko is the female lead character who works as a novice, murder-solving, detective. What she doesn’t tell her fellow work colleagues is the fact that she is the only daughter of one of Japan’s most powerful companies, therefore a very rich heiress, who despite her wealth has chosen a righteous path as a detective.

Then when she returns home, she can then put on her fancy dresses, her expensive jewelry and continue her princess-like life style, where her work peers can’t see her.

Kageyama (Actor: Sakurai Sho (Arashi))

Kageyama is Hosho’s trust-worthy butler. His job is not only to make delicious dinners or select the perfect wine. He is also Hosho’s protector and follows her around, unseen, while she’s on the job. And when Hosho can’t figure out her cases, she relies on Kageyama, who has an amazing eye for details and understand what is in people’s hearts, to help. His explanations are easy to understand, but also sometimes followed by sharp words.

Kazamatsuri Kyoichiro (Actor: Shiina Kippei)

Kazamatsuri is the work boss of Hosho, which she certainly doesn’t find fortunate. He is a character who has high confidence, when it comes to everything about himself. Especially when it comes to his ability to solve crimes – even though he always only manages to state the obvious. Which causes much annoyance to Hosho, who has to obey her boss, very much against her will.


Despite being a drama about solving murders, the cruelest of crimes, this drama has no intentions of being a serious and realistic police drama. Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de, is a light hearted, borderline silly drama, which also have cartoon-like elements, when a case is being reviewed or a “strong” emotion is being shown, such as “failure”.

That Nazotoki wa Dinner no ato de is taking the humoristic approach to solving crimes is not something drama viewers haven’t seen before. And when it comes to originality this drama unfortunately doesn’t have much to show – not even within this drama alone. Each episode is pretty much a repetition of the previous one and it’s easy to predict the events, even in chronological order.

Hosho Reiko will go to the crime scene, she’ll be annoyed about her narcissistic boss, they’ll talk to a lot of people with connections to the crime, Hosho will then go home feeling clueless, talk with her butler Kagayama over dinner who has been following her all day and he will then have all the answers she seeks when it comes to solving what seemed like an impossible case. Hosho then hurries to the murderer’s house and makes her arrest.

The fact that this drama uses the same storyline frame for each episode gives it a very generic feel and it can’t manage to come up with any surprises.

Like mentioned in the beginning, this story only has three main characters throughout the drama, but despite the low count of people to affiliate with, there is pretty much no connection between the drama characters and the viewer. The rich heiress, her butler and the know-it-all boss are all portrayed like bad examples of a stereotype caricature.

Even though I don’t have much positive to say about this drama, it shouldn’t stop people from giving it a try. Since, regardless of my opinion, this drama keeps pulling in a high count of viewers each week, which shows steadily popularity. I guess, I just never liked repetitive dramas, despite their popularity. I was probably one of the only drama-fans who never quite understood why Gokusen needed three seasons and a movie, since each episode pretty much seemed like a replay. Though, you can’t deny the fact that the popularity of Sakurai Sho and Kitagawa Keiko probably helps getting a few extra viewers.

Overall a rather bland drama among the many j-dramas of this season.

Autumn J-dramas: Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu.

So while I’m not traveling around and have interesting things to say about my personal life, I thought I would make a post about one of the current dramas on Japanese television. I’ve been watching Japanese dramas for years and these dramas has also been a great help for me when it came to learning Japanese. The truth is that before I entered university I owed all my knowledge of the Japanese language to Japanese dramas – and it wasn’t just phrases, since I managed to have conversations with Japanese people, I also met my husband, whom I speak solely Japanese with, and started our relationship before I entered university. Guess what I’m trying to say is that dramas is a great help when it comes to expanding vocabulary, grammar and improving pronunciation. So I thought I would show my appreciation of Japanese dramas by making some posts about the current ones running this season, since I’m pretty much watching all the seasonal dramas. (I’m not sure how many I’ll post about, yet.)

The first one I’ll take a look at is: “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu”. (The reason I can’t fall in love.)

Plot overview:

This drama is about four women in Tokyo who is all having problems with love. The three main women are all in their mid-twenties, with very different personalities, but they do have one thing in common which are the struggles they try to overcome in the search of finding “the right guy”.

Fuji Emi. (Actress: Karina)

Fuji Emi is the boyish character, who is more comfortable in jeans and shirts rather than dresses and high-heels and instead of searching for a romantic love interest she has got stuck in the role of the “guy’s friend” and is not really seen as a woman among her work peers.

Another of Fuji’s problems is that she is in love with her best friend, who she in the past tried dating for two weeks, before they returned to being “just friends”. Now that friend is getting married and Fuji is trying her best to be happy for this friend who has an important place in her heart.

But can Fuji let go of her own desires and be truly supportive or will she try to seize the last change she’ll have before he gets married? And what about the other guys who wish to make Fuji happy, the guys she is too busy to truly notice and appreciate.

 Hanzawa Mako (Actress: Oshima Yuko (AKB48))

Mako is desperately trying to find the man of her dreams and fall in love in the hopes of living happily ever after. Unfortunately she tries too hard and is marked as “the heavy girl”. She’s he kind of girl who always is the first to message her guy of interest and thereafter she waits by her phone for a response. She thinks too much and pushed over by the guys trying to take advantage of her. Though, there is one thing she has been protecting all those years, her virginity.

The virginity that she hopes to give to the right guy, as proof of their mutual love for one another. Unfortunately for Mako, that guy is difficult to find and she ends of fighting heartbreaks over a guy who in the end has no interest in her and another guy who seems very possessive. Will Mako in the end be able to find her knight in shining armor?

Ogura Saki (Actress: Yoshitaka Yuriko)

Saki has high dreams for a future when it comes to getting a career in a good company, but her interviews felt through and she left with her job as a hostess. Saki has no problems neither getting in contact with guys nor getting intimate. She believes she knows what guys want and often gives both Fuji and Mako lectures in how to get guys interested. Though Saki’s own problem is that she has never been in love or even close. When it comes to handling guys, it has become a profession, a job with no feelings attached. Though, one morning she shares a cap with a guy named Shiraishi, who shows her the kindness she long have sought. When she finally begins to believe in love again, her dreams are shattered by the fact that Shiraishi is a married guy, who wants nothing but friendship.

But, the lines of friendship are getting blurred and both Saki and Shiraishi have to make a decision. Do you do what’s right or do you follow your heart?

Shiraishi Misuzu (Actress: Inamori Izumi)

Misuzu is the wife of Shiraishi and the work colleague of Fuji. She is the last part of the four women. All though she seems to have a successful job and a good husband, she also finds herself among the troubles love can bring. She wishes more things in her life, she wishes to have a house and children with her husband, who is becoming more and more distant and who also seems to be keeping secrets from her.

The three women, Fuji, Mako and Saki moves into a share house together, which then becomes the place where they can share their experiences and worries in the hopes that they’ll all succeed in the path of life, both with it comes to careers, love and marriages. And maybe these guys will also come to realize that sometimes you must kiss a lot of frogs in order to find your true prince.


When “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu” was announced it was said to be Japan’s version of “Sex and the City”, but the fact that Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu focuses a lot on finding  true love and getting married and a lot less on the sex part, kind of make those comparisons invalid. Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu doesn’t need to be a new Sex and the City either, since that doesn’t necessarily means the road to success. This Japanese drama has had a nice steadily rating when it comes to the amount of views and it is among one of the autumn season’s most popular dramas. I also think that the fact that popular talents, such as Oshima Yuko and Yoshitaka Yuriko is a part of this drama has also helped the ratings a bit.

Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu, is by no means an original drama with lots of twists and surprises, but it posses something that is able to captivate and make the viewer want to see the next episode as well. You become a part of these women’s lives; you share their joy and feel their sadness. You cheer on them when they want to make the right decisions, you get frustrated with them when they’re not able to see where they made the wrong turn and you get angry with the people standing in their way or are trying to hurt them.

The storyline may not be original, three young women looking for the perfect guy and another women in a struggling marriage – we’ve heard that kind of story thousands of times. Also the characters are very stereotyped, the boyish girl, the girl who desperately wants to find prince charming and the girl who sees sex as a business and thinks she has figured it all out.

Despite all that, the characters still posses an amount of depth, they reach out to you and makes you emphasize with them.  The drama also manages to focus on other characters than just the main ones. The supportive casts are not just empty shells, they add to the humor, to the sadness and to the drama. This drama isn’t just black and white, because do you hope for Fuji that she is able to win her friend’s heart or do you wish him a happy marriage to a nice girl? Also what about the sweet and caring guy Fuji loses somewhere along the way while chasing after her best friend and her lost love.

Then there’s Mako who just tries to do her best, who tries to make her romantic interest happy and make them notice her, but in the end just adds to her amount of tears to shed. Her character also shows that the world of men can be just as mean and deceiving as the world of women.  Then there’s the love triangle among Saki, Mr. and Mrs. Shiraishi, all of them just searching for happiness and do their best not to hurt someone on the progress.

Then along the sidelines you have pushy parents, a jealous sister, nosy colleagues and supportive friends. This drama has all the elements needed of a good drama, which makes it my favorite drama of this season and it’s the drama I always anticipate every week – which makes me appreciate the fact that I don’t need subtitles anymore. Very recommended.