My Chinese nails


So I haven’t posted forever, which there’s a lot of reasons for. The main reason is that I was busy with exams in May and June, then I spend almost 5 weeks in China in July, where this site is blocked. Then I spend my August in North and South America and have only recently returned. I want to be an active blogger again soon. First I felt like sharing the beautiful nails I got done in China. They cost around 30 USD, but after 4 weeks they’re still in the same condition. Neither nails nor rhine stones have fallen off, no chipping in the polish and the only proof that I’ve worn them for this long is the growth of my own nails below the polish line.


Having a Bad Nail Day.



So today one of my longest nails decided that it did not want to continue our cooperation anymore and with that broke the contact. To put it more simply: I broke it on a heavy door. A very sad day.

Since all of my other nails are very long – as seen in the photo, I decided to invest in some cheap plastic nails in the 100 yen shop (one dollar store) to cover up the damage for some time.

SONY DSC80 pieces of plastic nails for 100 yen (around 1 USD) is not such a bad deal, though I must admit that I don’t have much experience with fake nails, since I love doing nail art and I have my nails decorated and polished all the time with helps them getting stronger and therefore longer. The two other items in the picture is nail glue and glue remover – also 100 yen (1 USD).